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COVID-19 Members [Posted on:3/19/2020]

We are aware that our member utilities are feeling the impacts and risks of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). State guidelines today have mandated that office occupancy must be reduced by 75%. This likely means that you have less people at your offices to conduct daily requirements. Some of those requirements include Location Requests received from us at Dig Safely New York. 


While Dig Safely New York, Inc. has reduced office occupancy, all of our staff is still operational and we are continuing to process all location requests. We feel this is in the best interest of all members, excavators, homeowners and our communities. 


We have been made aware that some municipalities may only be responding to emergency location requests due to a limited workforce. Please update Dig Safely New York on your organization's changes in ability to respond to Location Requests so that we can advise callers in that area. At this time, we will be implementing a notice to all callers that location request responses may be delayed, and reiterating the verification of responses aspect of the law. 


As a member utility, you have responsibilities under the law. Please ensure that you are still adhering to 16 NYCRR Part 753 (Code Rule 753), which states that all members make a reasonable attempt to inform the excavator, by means of the Automated Positive Response system or by direct communications with the excavator.


For continued updates from Dig Safely New York please visit Should you need to update our team regarding your ability to respond to location requests or for any other questions please contact Member Support at

New Rochelle [Posted on:3/18/2020]

Please be advised when creating location requests New Rochelle

You have indicated that your job site is in a state containment area due to COVID-19, know as the coronavirus. Due to this, utilties may be delayed in responding to your request, as they are prioritizing emergencies. Please ensure that you are adhering to the law and waiting for all utilities to respond with a marked or cleared status before starting your job, Waiting for responses is vital to ensure the safety of yourself, your crew, and the community.